About AC2SG Software Oy


AC2SG Software Oy is a Smart Grids software solution supplier. Our solutions are based either on software products, specific development, consulting services or a combination of them. So far we have been focusing on electric vehicle charging business, demand response solutions and lately on Mobility-as-a-Service consulting and development. We have developed world-class competences in infrastructure planning, analytics and modular IT architecture development. Our core customers are next-generation electricity and mobility service companies.


We are based in Tampere, Finland and are a dedicated small team with a “lean software development” mindset. We have more than 50 years worth of software business experience in-house and have worked with customers and partners from around the world. We are also present in India via our our own representative as well as local partners.

We are a proud member of Cleantech Finland, a “network of world-class cleantech companies and experts”, more information here.

Why choose us:

Smart Grids software solution development requires flexibility, open interfaces, low cost of deployment and partnering capability. We deploy our solutions with a SaaS model, integrate with other suppliers’ software and equipment (either legacy or new) plus tailor the solution as needed. We believe in co-operation, therefore rely on openness and win-win with our customers and partners.

Get in touch with us either by sending email to “info@ac2sg.fi”, giving us feedback via these pages or calling us on +358 50 5568575 or +91 99106 87989.

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