New customer-requested features in EVPlanner

We have signed a new deal with Turku Energia for EVPlanner. The software tool is now used by Turku Energia to plan their EV charging network for the next few years. The interesting aspect of this deal is that Turku Energia will do the planning in the future themselves, whilst we have provided the planning service to them so far.

Since they will do the planning entirely by themselves, they wanted to see some additional features in the tool. The new features include the extension of the planning horizon to five plus one years instead of three. We also added the capability of turning on/off the range estimation with a single button to reduce the “visual clutter” in the UI, this is useful especially in dense urban environments.

Additionally, the tool now supports the addition of “foreign” or “non-shared” Charging Units with a different range indication color as a part of the plan. This helps with planning the coverage in relation with  the other service providers in the same or neighboring area.

EVPlanner sample 150615

Last but not least the new version of the software allows the data to be exported to external tools (e.g. Excel) via .csv files. This is possible for all or selected Charging Units in the plan. This helps with verification of the plan’s completeness and also allows the GPS data to be moved to other GIS-based systems, if needed.

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