AC2SG in the Social Media

In addition to the website and the blog on these pages please follow us in the social media channels. We are currently active in the following social media channels:

Twitter (@AC2SG):

In addition to retweets of topical news items, opinions and mainstream media articles, you can get notifications on our new blog posts. We do not directly solicit business via Twitter and read all articles prior to retweeting them. Occasionally the retweets may be in Finnish, apologies for that 🙂

LinkedIn (AC2SG Software):

A businesslike approach to social media here. Mainly notifications of new blog posts or major news.

Soundcloud (AC2SG Software):

This is the latest addition to our social media channels. A bit experimental, but likely to include short opinion soundbites and topical views.

Please let us know, if you feel that more channels should be used to get our message across.