Why Are We Called AC2SG Software?

Our company name may not roll off the tongue in the easiest possible way nor is the name self-explanatory. On the other hand it is not a totally random set of characters either (although it may appear so). So what is the story on the name?

The latter part of the name is evident. We are a software company, that was (and still is) our intended way of delivering our expertize and value to the clients. However, over the years we have developed a set of consulting services to complement our SW offerings and capabilities. These consulting services are broadly aimed at two key things:

  1. Evaluating options and alternatives prior to making decisions on SW development and/or purchase. These services typically contain not only technical assessment of the SW development and architectures, but also economical and business evaluation of the various options. Since we focus on the Smart Grids and the electricity business, we can assist our clients here as well.
  2. Assisting in using the tools and software after the deployment of the software. Sometimes there might not be a software delivery at all, but we use our tools to develop an EV infrastructure rollout plan or a set of KPIs to be followed for the existing infrastructure.

The services are therefore a complementary part of the software business, not a stand-alone, generic offering for any industry. We are focused on the electricity and energy business and its ongoing evolution, in some cases the revolution of the paradigms in the electricity industry.

Which leads to the story behind the first part of our name: AC2SG. The name is actually pronounced “AC to SG” (as evidenced in the name of our blog). For the readers the “SG” might be more obvious as a reference to Smart Grids. This realization most likely will lead to the reader realizing that the “AC” means Alternative Current, i.e. the current electricity networks. Thus the entire name denotes the transition from today’s electricity network and business to something new, yet-undiscovered future business. There is a subtle hint to the Aussie rock group AC/DC, but that is another story…

This transition is also visible in our logo that shows a transition from electricity-blue color on the left to the green color on the right. This is an indication of the entire industry transitioning towards renewable generation and energy efficiency (and needing to deal with the technical, regulatory and financial challenges of doing so).

In conclusion, we see it as our mission to help the clients manage the business and technology transition via the development of new software-based solutions. This is something that we will be doing with partners, but we want to be leading this transition and work with clients that are as excited about the future possibilities as we ourselves are.

In case you have further questions, please get in touch with us via info@ac2sg.fi.