Special offer: Try EVPlanner for one or three months for a low, fixed fee

Want to know how to improve your current EV infrastructure coverage? Thinking about an investment, but cannot quite get to grips with the adequate size? Interested in planning a national EV charging network?

If these are the types issues that you have struggled with, then we can offer you some assistance with our EV planning tool, EVPlanner. Designed to help with the decisions related to optimizing the infrastructure investment and finding good locations for charging stations, you will have a much better understanding of the issues and tradeoffs with the help of the tool.

The tool can in practice save you as much as 40-50% on the initial investment on charging stations. This is the result of applying the right type charging station, locating it optimally and verifying the plan against the available grid infrastructure. Majority of the savings will come from civil works, grid connectivity and choice of right locations.

In order to simplify the evaluation and trial use of the software, we have now introduced a special trial program for the tool. Getting started is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Send us an e-mail at “info@ac2sg.fi” and indicate whether you want a one or three month trial
  2. We will create an instance of the tool for you
  3. Once the installation is complete, we will send you the “EVPlanner User Guide”
  4. Start using the tool (optional hands-on training and services available separately)
  5. If you choose not to continue using the tool, you can export the results into a CSV file for later use

There is no obligation to continue using the tool after the trial period. We will take care of the IT setup and will provide you with a single user ID and password for access into the system. All you have to do is use the tool and take advantage of the results.

The prices for the trial are as follows (invoiced at the start of the trial):

1 month trial: 990 EUR, 3 month trial: 2490 EUR

These prices include the Amazon Web Services instance and use during the trial as well as the license fee for the tool, possible local GST or other taxes are not included. No other charges apply, training and planning services available separately.

Any questions or inquiries can be sent to “info@ac2sg.fi”.

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